Takamatsu and Kagawa Prefecture are still lacking when it comes to decent vacation rental apartment options. Listings are always coming and going so you may come across a gem, but in general, most of the listings are way out in the suburbs and greatly overpriced.

When it comes to finding a base for the Kafka on the Shore section of your Murakami Pilgrimage, using a site like or will be your best bet.

Takamatsu Castle Hotels
A view of some of Takamatsu’s fancier hotels


Like Kafka did, basing yourself in a business hotel by Takamatsu Station would be ideal. This also gives you easy access to the port. As long as you’re within a 15 minute or so walking distance from the main station then you should be alright.

Alternatively, somewhere nearby Sakaide or Marugame Stations would also be convenient.

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